Vocational Scholarships

Providing vocational scholarships to create possibilities of sustainable employment in the community

Thousands of nonconventional students in your city are low-income, first-generation, and doing several 'gigs' to make ends meet. Many of them may even slip below the poverty level due to unexpected life events like a medical emergency, job losses, or being furloughed. We can stem this by helping them gain certification in courses that help them become re-employable!

Education and Careers for America aims to provide vocational scholarships to such ambitious individuals who dare to dream of a career that will change their, and their families' futures.

We choose to offer vocational scholarships because they provide possibilities for students to enter high-demand jobs that offer starting salaries of $40K or more.  These are jobs that cannot be exported, nor will they become obsolete any time soon.  Nursing, plumbing, auto mechanics, and others remain professions that are not deeply affected by changing market conditions.  

Young people need a quick escape route from their homeless and high-poverty situations, one that does not leave them thousands of dollars in debt. Our goal is for students to become productive members of society with the knowledge and skills needed to be self-sufficient, and enjoy a quality standard of living.

You support . We enable . They achieve

Together, let's lay the foundation for a desirable tomorrow.